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Hello !

We are Carolina, from Colombia, and Frédéric, from France. We work as engineers in Paris and we took a sabbatical from December 2011 to July 2012. During this period of time, we are visiting Colombia, Patagonia, South Pacific Islands, Australia and India. In parallel we want to use our time with purpose… which is why we came out with the project One Climate One Challenge.

One Climate One Challenge is a voluntary project about creating spaces for dialogue on climate change, and to report on it.

This dialogue is held between us, Carolina and Frédéric, and the local communities, including authorities or associations dealing with environment issues, as well as citizens who want to share their testimony. Specifically for this purpose we organize meetings, during when we expect that the locals share with us their observations, their concerns and their actions.

As we progress, we post on this website the results of the project through articles. The content is mainly about the information obtained from the discussions with the locals. We hope these reports will help the readers to be more informed and, ideally, to make them more aware of the “challenge” that climate change represents for humankind.

Carolina and Frédéric
About the logo... 

[ The stamp ]
Symbolizes the message (that the project is supposed to be), and the trip (of the authors !)

[ One planet, one climate ]
[ The orange colour ]
The lights are orange, let’s react before they turn on red !

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Climate change is a threat, however it encourages humanity to change and reconcile with nature. In the next decades humanity will challenge its current lifestyle... a “challenge” to take up with positivism :-)