2 August 2012

A first episode...

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Dear Readers,

Our trip is now over, we are back in Paris! We are happy to tell you that this journey was the first episode of the project One Climate One Challenge.

We will remain active on the facebook page (which you can access even if you do not have a facebook account). Here we will post news related to the topics we discussed in our articles.

We are glad we could cover key subjects of the climate change issue such as socio-economic development, water resources, climate extremes, mitigation actions and adaptation actions. A serious topic which we did not talk about is agriculture and food security.

Thank you for following us. Your feedbacks nourished our motivation.

We also want to thank all the experts we had the chance to meet. We hope your actions will be successful and we hope we helped, by writing these articles and by communicating about your challenges and your willpower.

To all of you, stay tuned, and think carbonless ! :-)

Carolina and Frédéric

"The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway"
Henry Boye