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All the greenhouse gas emissions from the flights were offset.

From December 2011 to July 2012, traveling to...
       Colombia  (December)
    South Patagonia  (January)
       Easter Island = Île de Pâques = Isla de Pasqua = Rapa Nui  (beginning of February)
    French Polynesia  (end of February, beginning of March)
       New Caledonia  (March)
    New Zealand  (April)
       Australia  (beginning of May)
    Thailand  (end of May)
        Northern India  (June)
    Finland  (beginning of July)

What does offset of emissions mean ?
To offset means to cancel one’s emissions.

When we take a flight, the plane emits carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas. It means we contribute to climate change.
In order to cancel emissions, we can neutralize them by avoiding other emissions somewhere else. 

One Climate One Challenge, together with EMCO2 Solution, offset through two Projects:
    - One in New Caledonia : a Wind Farm project. Wind energy is used to generate electricity instead of fossil energies.
    - One in Thailand : a Wastewater Treatment project. Methane, which is a greenhouse gas, is captured and is used to produce energy.